Moving mountains

I like to pack light for my business trips, taking nothing more than a carry-on and my briefcase if I can get away with it. A few days ago as I packed I knew my stuff wouldn't possibly fit into a carry-on. I even had to move up past our mid-size and into the BIG suitcase. The reason is I was packing not one but three medium sized rock formations. They were HEAVY too, and my packed suitcase came in at 49 pounds - just under the overweight limit.

Today we had to lug those (minature but still heavy) rock formations around the trade show floor until we found Kyle, of Rockwerx. The models were to guide the rockmaking team as they fashioned the two main formations around the railway track and another which will be in the middle of the spinning coaster.

rock models.jpg

Around noon we were able to finally hand them off. The next time we see these little mountains there will be big versions in their place - big enough to drive a train through. I'm just glad I don't have to lug the replacements around an airport!

Dan SawatzkyComment