Learning by looking

Peter, Hailey and I are currently in Florida to attend the world's largest theme park conference. Being in Orlando meant we could take a little extra time to attend the Disney parks. Yesterday we were in line for one of the newer attractions and the guests behind us were soon asking us what it was we did for a living. I guess it was evident we weren't the typical tourist.

While most guests are in a hurry to get through the lines we purposely went through the long lines, stopping frequently and often letting people pass us as we closely studied and photographed every aspect of what we saw. Our discussions centered on how the artists did each piece and accomplished the wonderful work we saw. Our experience allowed us to make educated guesses and together we figured out what tools and methods would allow us to achieve similar results. Even though we knew how they accomplished the amazing sculpted concrete work we saw it was still hard to believe that is what it was. It was that good.

wood beams.jpg

We spent two long days, covering the best sculpted concrete work in four parks. I had seen much of it previously but it was Peter and Hailey's first time. For me it was like looking with fresh eyes and together we learned plenty in the short time e spent there.

hailey and peter looking at rock.jpg

We can hardly wait to get back to the studio to give our new found knowledge a spin.

Tomorrow, we head for the massive trade show to begin gathering knowledge and meeting supliers and contacts there. 

Dan SawatzkyComment