Two signs - sculpt complete

Last week we also managed to finish the sculpting the posts for two ride signs. The Skallywag Railway sign is now ready for paint. Both sign posts were sculpted in two pieces so they can fit in the shipping container vertically (on a securestand of course) .

pike sign post mudded complete.jpg

The Yardarm Twist sign also was finished being sculpted, both the concrete post and epoxy figure and name banner. The day before we assembled the sign so we could sculpt the bottom portion of the top section in order that the pieces fit together perfectly. On Friday we took the pieces apart once more to finish the top of the post and the sails.

twister sign assembled 2.png

The sculpted conncrete covered the top of the mast and sails. The banner and the balance of the figure were sculpted with epoxy to facilitate much finer details.

yardarm twist sign ready for paint.jpg

Here's a closer look at the detail on Twister and the banner...

twister sign sculpt done.jpg

Both of these signs (and posts) are going to look great when they are installed. I can hardly wait! Stay tuned...

Dan SawatzkyComment