Work, work, work.

I've had some difficulty (for years) trying to convince those I know that I actually work hard. I think it has a lot to do with the huge grin that is normally on my face as we play in the mud and create fanciful features. It's hard to believe I actually get paid to do the things I enjoy so very much.

Business trips are an even harder sell to my friends. This past week we spent two long days in theme parks and research, cramming in as much experience as humanly possible. It's a legitimate business trip - REALLY! To properly research we have to go on the attractions as well - of course. The last two days we were at the theme park convention. These conventions defy definition with everything on display we could possibly think of. It took us a day and a half to walk the floor of the masssive trade show. Part of our research is of course to ride various rides on display. There's no way I could design theme parks without knowing what kind of experience I am creating. Peter and Hailey also shared in the research experience. This is a shot of them on one of the rides. I took my turn right after.


Tonight, the research continued while attending a theme park function at a smaller local park. Our client was with us and we raced go-karts, and rode roller coasters all evening - all in the name of research of course. It was a long, brutal day at work.

Friday we head off to Trinidad for four more days of work. Really!

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