Swinging high!

The crew was busy welding, wiring and painting today while I finally got to do a little sculpting. The Wave Swinger sign has been hanging ready for the little Bucky figure for the last month and today was finally the day to start in on him.

I asked Peter to help me art direct the sign. We would put his stong design sense and a few years under his belt as an anmator. to good use. He suggested the pose we would use and helped me weld up the rod armature. It didn't look like much at this stage but this was the most critical phase.

Then Hailey and Sarah mixed sculpting epoxy for me and I set to work. I used layers of sculpting epoxy and crumpled tinfoil to slowly build up the bulk over the pencil rod armature. The form of the chubby beaver began to emerge.

By the end of the workday the beaver form was complete and the top half of the figure's detail was done. He looked pretty cool. Peter checked it out of course and gave me the thumbs up.

On Monday Janessa is back at work. I'll get her to help me polish Bucky off. Then we'll start in on the wide eyed praire dog that sits on the Wagon Wheel sign. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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