More than eleven miles (so far)

This past week we got another steel delivery to our shop. The boys cut it to length and put it on the rack as always. About half of the order was put in the trailer to take up to the worksite on Monday. The bulk of our order was pencil rod, solid steel rods measuring 1/4" in diameter. With two welders working up at the site plus all the welding in our shop it is amazing how much we go through on a daily basis. With this week's order, the tally for this project is 60,000 lineal feet so far, which translates to well over eleven miles (eighteen kilometers) of steel. Square tubing, angle iron, flat bar and pipe stock adds another few thousand feet to the total.

The amounts of diamond lath, tie wire, cement powder, paint and all the other supplies are also adding up in a hurry. The delivery trucks keep arriving and we weld, wire, mud and paint to use it all up in a hurry. The total is going to be high as we are still less than half way through.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment