What does it take?

One question I often get is 'Where do I find the people who work for me?'  

The answer is simple. They come to me. I receive many resumes via email from around the world, asking if we are hiring. Frequently my mailbox has a fat package in it with examples of work people have done. Some pretty talented and qualified people come calling. I also get phone calls from time to time asking about the availability of work. And when I travel to trade shows or do workshops out of town I get enquiries there as well. Lots and lots of people want me to hire them. 

We currently are employing fifteen people. Three of these people were hired as sumer help back when we owned Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf. They served customers, watered the flowers, and kept the grounds spotless. Becke often complained that I 'stole' her best people. I did. What these people didn't know was while they worked for our other company in a summer job they were in fact auditioning for something else. 

Two others who work for us attended one of our workshops. Once again, while they were doing something else I was watching. Their cheerful demeanor, ability to solve tough challenges, ability to work with others, their work ethic all were observed while they learned. And I made them an offer to come work for us during that time or shortly after. Some of my current employees I met while they worked for others. The qualities I was seeking shone through and when opportunity presented itself I made them an offer to work for us instead. A few came by the shop with a resume in hand. Many of these that I hired were sent by someone I respected and admired, often former employees. Two of our current staff are brothers of someone else who already works here. Another is a friend of a former employee,

Experience and/or related education are not a reason for me to hire someone. I look for something very different. The people I hire have to GET what I do and why. I am looking for people with PASSION towards a specific goal. Most of those I hire are not looking for permanent employment. They have a passion, and are working towards a specific goal, often years distant. Many are in university. The deal I make with them is simple. They have to help me with my dreams and in return I help them with theirs.

The picture below was taken today. Seven people like I describe above are visible if you look closely.

These folks are my heroes. Thanks!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment