Looking back over 2013

The new house dominated our thoughts and labors in 2012 and 2013. It is still a work in progress but coming along fine. So many good folks worked hard alongside us to realize this dream. Thank you to each and every one!

A year ago we started on WhistlePunk Hollow Adventure Golf. We got to work closely with Jeff and Janice in Squamish, BC to create a wonderful park there. They allowed and encouraged us to produce some pretty cool pieces that told the story of logging in the region. While we worked in our studio, their team labored on site. The end result worked out pretty cool!

That project was barely done when I turned my attention to the next, our biggest in more than a decade. First came weeks of dreaming, planning and drawing.

Then the build began. This project demanded a large and skilled team and in September we started assembling and training just such a team. Through the fall we worked hard with Chris' team on site to make a great start. 

Imagine the possibilities this coming year...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment