A GREAT week!

This past week was a productive one in the shop with some good progress on some pretty big pieces. Up at the worksite we made plenty of deliveries and got a lot of welding done as well. Today the crew polished off the mudding and sculpting of the smaller section of the giant log. It looks very cool. The big log started getting it's paint on the inside.

Hailey made good progress on the painting of the Wave Swinger sign. It is looking very colorful. I especially love the cool blue blends against the warm tones on Bucky.

At the other end of the shop Kendra started applying the base colors to the Wagon Wheel sign. It is looking very cool already!

When they weren't busy mixing concrete or painting Brando and Adison were busy wiring the next giant feature that will get it's concrete next week. Everyone was looking forward to a restful weekend and then we'll hit it again next week. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment