Site overview

As we head into the New Year with five and a half months until opening day, the site has been transformed from level bare ground into a giant hill with the beginnings of a theme park built into every nook and cranny. Most of the concrete foundations and building structures are complete with the balance to come in the next month or so. The property lines are now largely defined with an undulating and happy fence, cordoning off the outside world and containing nothing but fun inside. The delivered features and signs are starting to define the home of the still to come attractions and rides. It all is looking pretty cool! I climbed the newly installed stairs to the main building yesterday to take a couple pictures of the north side of the park.

In the coming months we will deliver more and more of the remaining signs and features and as the warmer weather returns will begin our theme work onsite in earnest. As with every project it will look like an impossible goal to finish on time but as always our team will rise to the challenge and pull it off with hours to spare. Just watch.

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment