Run, run, run.

My day, from beginning to end, was spent jumping from one project to the other, keeping things organized for the crew both in the shop and up at the work site. Even so I did manage to complete most of the things I set out to in the morning. The crew in the shop did well, finishing the sculpting of another major piece for the park.

On one of my many trips up to the worksite we delivered the Wilderness Trail sign. Itfits in perfectly into it's planned spot.

Working a few minutes at each go, by the end of the day I managed to complete the carving of the wagon wheel details. The sign is now ready for final painting.

With each passing day the progress is very visible. This park is undoubtably going to be a world class facility from one end to the other. We are having a great deal of fun making it just that!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky2 Comments