Bridging the gap

Whenever I take a few days off or some kind of trip I have to do a lot of catching up when I return. It has been like that yesterday, today and will most likely continue for a few days yet. Then I start the scramble to get ready for my trip to Indiana next week. But I don't think my life is any different than anybody elses.

We are keeping Becke, Janis, Kendra and Sarah busy in the house while the two Matts keep busy in the shop. My job seems to be running between the two locations to stay on top of everything. Between trips to both locations I am getting a little done in both places.

The project of the day in the shop is the two bridges. I did the bulk of the welding on the small bridge this morning and big Matt is applying the mesh. The fiberglass-reinforced concrete will be done on these pieces onsite when I return from Indiana. I'll be delivering the bridges to Squamish on Thursday.


Little Matt is busy doing the last of the welding on the big bridge. Applying the lath on that project will happen tomorrow.

The phone continues to ring about new, exciting projects for the near future and beyond. It is a busy time at our place for sure!

-grampa dan