I'm a goal oriented person. Some things I am focusing on are far into the future. These are the big things that are not easily nor quickly accomplished. Other things are much closer. These would be the medium sized goals, things doable in less than a year. And then there's all the things I need to think about to get through each day. Included in these things are at least small steps toward the medium and big goals.

For the last four days Janis & I have been on Vancouver Island. We attended a family event (Happy fiftieth to Gay and Doug!) but mostly we purposely slowed our usual hectic pace down to a crawl. We didn't go sight seeing, nor do much of anything but instead let each day happen at a liesurely pace. It's not a pace I usually enjoy but for four days it was great. It gave me plenty of time to think about things.

The new house (a twenty year goal) is nearing completion and now almost ready to move in. It will most likely be the last really large personal project we tackle. But no fear for there is still plenty imaginative things to do around the yard to keep me busy for many, many years to come. The big Whistlepunk Hollow Adventure Golf project (for a customer) also nearing completion (a medium goal) our slower pace of the last few days gave me time to think about what the future might hold. We have a couple of good sized projects on the drawing board and in the works that will help us keep busy for a year or two. New customers will determine the paying projects we tackle in the future of course, but I can purposely shape and/or choose that work to a large degree.

After visiting Vancouver Island (where we lived for more than two happy decades) I am more than content with where we currently live. The work I am privileged to do is exactly what I enjoy. The young people who help me on a daily basis I also get to mentor and encourage them towards their dreams. I am surrounded by loving family and friends. It does not get better than that.

My conclusion after four days of reflection. Life is good. Let it continue!

-grampa dan

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