Bridges in place!

Today was another fun delivery day for the WhistlePunk Adventure Golf project. First thing this morning we hoisted them up, one by one and then backed the trailer under them to place them.

It was a strange looking load as I drove down the highway. As per usual, I got lots of long looks, smiles and thumbs up along the way. 

When I arrived in Squamish Jeff wasted no time in hooking up the loaders and we swung the bridges into place.

In an instant the front portion and the back of the golf were linked. When the concrete crew pours the walkways they will add a final layer of concrete to the bridge decks. We'll trowel on a layer of fiberglass reinforced concrete to the logs and handrails and then carve them to look like wood.

The golf is coming along quickly! Stay tuned...

-grampa dan