Mechanical snowman

Today as I was busy welding behind my screen the shop door kept opening and closing with only a brief time between. I knew Phoebe was playing outside and assumed it was her. Over a half hour or so the door opened at least a dozen times. I wondered what she was up to. When I finally put down my welder and went to take a look it became perfectly clear. The bolt bin is located behind the door. It was a rare snow day and Phoebe was building a snowman. She needed buttons for his shirt, eyes, a nose and a mouth and she knew grampa had an unlimited supply real handy. The bolt bin was the ideal source for these items.

As always, like all of Phoebe's marvelous creations, the snowman had to be over the top. I had to leave to go up to the worksite to pick up the tool trailer but as I left the snowman got some legs and Phoebe was busy working on his feet.

When I returned it was too dark for a picture but the snowman had sprouted even more details including a very nice hat. Nice job Phoebe!

-grampa dan

Dan SawatzkyComment