A little more progress every day

We had a shop full of busy people today. The shop is so full (like always of late) that you can't walk end to end without ducking under or going around signs and features. Hailey and Jenessa were busy on the Carousel and Balloon Adventure signs. They are coming along nicely.

The very difficult task of applying the lath to the trestle with the mine car is coming along nicely and should be almost ready for the fiberglass reinforced concrete by tomorrow quitting time. There are SO MANY corners to fit the lath around! It is going to be a spectacular piece when it is done!

The big tree fort tree got much of it's metal lath today, thanks to the hard work of Adison and our new hire Demitri. Kendra and I welded up the water barrel frame for the top of the tower. Up at the lake site Matt and Marty made great progress on the island theme structure. Tomorrow we'll work at these same projects once more. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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