A very productive Monday

With the full crew in the shop they were scattered over a number of projects. The balloon basket was finished off making it ready to transport up to the lake tomorrow. That will make more room for new projects.

The sign tree got it's skin of sculpted fiberglass reinforced concrete. Matt and Jenessa applied the mud and then skillfully carved another spectacular tree while Hailey painted the base coats on the Carousel sign. In the background Kendra and Sarah are working on the mine car elevated rail structure.

One more great looking feature is now ready for paint. Great job guys!

Marty and Adison were mixing concrete and also working on the rail inspection car. They first turned it upsdie down to make the application of the concrete on the bottom side easier and faster. The underside of the car needed to be smooth so kids playing on it can't get hurt should they reach under. Tomorrow we'll flip it back on it's wheels and finish off the top side.

While the crew worked at their tasks I was busy welding up the armature for the giant tree that would hold up the tree fort. It is now ready to be wired tomorrow.

Tomorrow promises lots of action. Two crew members return to the worksite up at the lake to do some welding. We'll deliver the balloon basket up to the lake. Then we'll fill the empty space with a new project or two. It's going to be another fun day. Stay tuned...

-grampa dan

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