Shop day

The weatherman promised rain and the skies were dark and threatening and so we scheduled a shop day. This morning the rain held off however and so we decided to make a run up to the lake to deliver eight more fence posts. The tall ones were left without the sculpted concrete as they would have been far too heavy to tip into place otherwise. Even the shorter seven foot posts required four guys and plenty of effort to carry them into place and then tip them vertically to slide over the sleeves which were anchored into the poured concrete bases. The guys were sure happy to see the last post installed at the front of the park today!

Three of the crew stayed at the park to tie on lath on the welded rod I did yesterday while the rest of the crew worked in the shop. We got lots done. The lettering on fun directional sign was completed making it ready to be moved out of the shop tomorrow.

Bucky recieved his last paint glazes, allowing us to move on to the background areas and borders of the sign. He still needs his eye pupils painted.

I completed the welding on the lighthouse base structure and the crew then began applying the diamond lath in preparation for the sculpted concrete.

Then it was time for some creative welding as I fashioned the top cupola and roof structure for the lighthouse. It will bolt onto the base onsite. I used plenty of steel rod to fashion the tall pointy roof! It came together in about three hours.

Tomorrow is another one of those days that the weather could go either way. I'll make up my mind if it is a shop or a site day when I look at the sky in the morning.

-grampa dan

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