Shop day - two.

We were busy in the shop today, first taking out the finished pieces, cleaning the shop and then loading in new structures to make pretty. Then we set to work. About then our steel order arrived - more than two more miles of pencil rod. Marty and Brando and Sarah cut it into manageable pieces and stacked it into the racks. The rest of the crew swung into gear painting, attatching diamond lath and mudding and carving more fence posts.

It was another fun and productive day. Matt polished off the wiring of the lighthouse topper and it is now ready for the fiberglass reinforced concrete and carving. I couldn't resist whipping up the weathervane for the top.

Up at the site they were busy too. The massive floor to the building was poured - all seventy cubic meters of concrete. It's BIG! The block walls were also filled with concrete including the cave laberinth for the kids. this area will be under the walkway that leads into the park from the east. Next week we will begin welding the steel frame around which we will sculpt the concrete to shape the inside of the caves. It's going to be a cool place for the kids to explore.

It's been a busy week with a lot of progress and changes to the site. It's sure great to have  team that works so hard to make it happen and have fun doing it day in and day out. Next week we'll hit it again.

-grampa dan

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