Going vertical

After months of drawing plans and measuring and marking out the layout on the ground the park is now starting to go vertical... being formed in three dimensions. Cultus Lake Adventure park is small by theme park standard but we make up for that by stacking things vertically. The perfectly flat building site we started with is flat no longer. The bumper boat pool is excavated four feet down. The loading area for the boats will be below a swing ride. A good sized mountain will be built over the food service building. Behind it the giant ferris wheel will tower over all.

In this shot from just inside the east entrance we are starting to get a feel for how much the walkway will climb between the gate and the bulding slab. By next week they'll be filling the area inside the block walls to form the walkway. A bridge will span the water course that will go from a small pool to the right and then spill into the bumper boat pool to the left. A giant round suspended slab will be formed and poured next week over the bumper boat loading area. The swing ride will sit on top of that. We have some very cool theming ideas for that area. Behind the pool is the first floor of the food service building. The massive suspended slab is to be poured on Friday along with the foundation for the sixty-five foot ferris wheel.

The property line around the west and south side of the bumper boat pool is now defined with the fence. Matt spent a second day forming the horizontal rails while Andrew welded them into place.

I spent the day under my welding helmet welding up the pencil rod framework for the theme work under the long fence. It involved forming and welding many hundreds of feet of pencil rod that will act as the structure for the creative work to follow. Fifty feet of fence is now ready to be wired.

Tomorrow the weatherman is promising a rain day which means the whole crew will crowd into the shop to do some more prefabrication. After two days of being outside in the cool weather everyone is looking forward to being back in the warm shop for at least one day.

-grampa dan

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