One down - two to go!

Day one of any workshop is always the most intimidating for me. It takes a little shile for everyone to become cmfortable and for me to sense I am giving them the things they came to learn. The group we have in Toronto is a small one but make up for it with their eagerness to learn. These folks want to get their hands dirty - to try everything they possibly can. EJ Nodurft, our guest instructor from EnRoute is doing a great job and presenting with a very diffrerent but complimentary approach to mine, providing a good technical balance to the workshop.

The folks at MultiCam Canada have done a fabulous job preparing the facility for the workshop and also making me feel very much at home. Day one went well and the students have made great progress on their projects. We put in a twelve hour day today. Tomorrow morning, bright and early we beging again. I'm looking forward to a wonderful day!

-grampa dan