Day two of Toronto, Sign Magic Workshop done

This morning the students all arrived early and were eager to kick off the learning once more. All made comments of how they never slept well as they dreamed of new projects and new ways of doing things. These were my kind of people!

Through the day I was peppered with countless questions and people gathered information and experimented with ll the things I taught. Some very cool panels and projects are quickly taking shape!

It was so cool to see the fires of excitement and passion lit as people did their projects. When they weren't painting or sculpting they were sketching or writing notes furiously in their sketchbooks. I enjoyed every minutes of the time we spent. 

Before we knew it another 12 hours of workshop had passed and it was time to shut it down once more for folks to rest up for the last day of instruction. Tomorrow we'll wrap things up and send everyone on their way to put these new ideas into practie.

-grampa dan