Storm before the calm.

Tomorrow I leave for four days to teach a Sign Magic Workshop in Toronto, Canada. I'm excited and looking forward to it with great anticipation. But it also means I am leaving in the middle of a large project. My crew will do fine without a doubt. Today was spent on the jobsite making sure everything was in order, materials were on hand and everybody knew what to do over the next four days. I spent the bulk of my time texturing walls and ceilings where they needed to paint in the coming days. We also painted test panels to make sure everyone was trained in the new technique they would use. It is the final stage of the painting process. When I get back the entry and restaurant areas should be finished save for a little glazing on the bricks and a little detail work here and there. The test panels in the restaurant proved my crew was up to the task and also that it was the perfect treatment for the blank wall spaces. With the dimensional eye candy underway in the shop to hang there the restaurant space will look pretty cool!

In the entry hallway the beans are now all up and the background texture is done. It is looking pretty spectacular! Pub guests are getting more excited each day as they catch glimpses inside of the work we are doing. When we are done it will be a pub like no other anywhere.

My team will work well I'm sure. I certainly won't worry or fret. I'll be busy in Toronto teaching the workshop!

-grampa dan