Designing on the fly!

While the general feel and much of the design was done before we lifted a tool on the Fox & Hounds Pub project there were some areas not yet defined. With the old pub still in operation and hording walls hiding certain areas we simply left the design blank for those elements until we got closer. Some ideas we had originally simply didn't work as well as we hoped once we could fully see the new areas and so it made some new ideas necessary. All of this has kept me busy at the design table as the job progressed.

I have particularly enjoyed working with Debbie & Jeff, owners of the Fox & Hound's Pub. They have a vision of what they desire for their business, but look to me to define it for them. Today we sat down in a meeting and talked of four key areas that will be done in the next few weeks. As we tossed out ideas I scribbled madly, trying to quickly put down a rough image, defining the vision. I loved the things they suggested, and they liked my interpretation of their ideas. Tonight I sat down and further defined them on paper. In the next days we will meet again, and work out the final details to everyone's satisfaction and then the construction will begin. It is a cool process!

The sketch below is the entrance to  the old section of the Pub with the new bar in the background. The new brick arch links to the brickwork in the entry, while a knarly grapevine twists around. It is designed for looks and function, with one branch holding up the order screen for the servers behind the bar. I've had to head scratch as I thought of just how it will be constructed, but now that I've drawn it I know exactly how I'll put it together to make sure we do not lose any of the magic of the design.

This is being creative at it's most challenging and it is my favorite way to design!

-grampa dan