It is adding up!

We did a feature wall today betwen the two washrooms. Hanging in the sunken space will be a dimensional sign that celebrates a fictional brand of ale called 'Gilded Guppy'. I photoshopped it into this picture of the brickwork to see how it will look.

As we cleaned up when we finished I looked towards the entrance and was struck by how well the many, many pieces we have worked on over the last weeks fit together in such a cool way. Temporary walls have come down opening up new vistas. The vision is finally coming to life! I especially love how the brickwork undulates gracefully through the entry and into the pub area, drawing the viewer's eyes through the scene. The heavy woodwork, combined with some very creative tile work will tie it all together beautifully!

The eye candy and colorful dimensional signage will be the icing on the cake! I can hardly wait!

-grampa dan