A special treat!

Our second business, Giggle Ridge Adventure Golf is a very special place. It was a dream we held and worked on for more than a decade before we got the chance to build it. Our grand daughter Phoebe has spent countless hours there each summer as she grew up. Her mom worked there each summer season. Phoebe has greeted guests since she was tiny.

In the last summers we wait for the perfect night and then invite Phoebe for a campover. It's a rare treat for no other child could be so lucky as to stay right on the golf course. After waiting what seeemed like forever, last night was, at last, the night we would camp at the golf this year. The highest spot on the multi-level course is also the perfect camping spot. The green on hole 3 is in a cave and has a grand view of the pond and clubhouse. Giant trees would frame our vista. A full moon would cast a magical glow over the entire scene, We would set up camp there. After supper I dropped by Phoebe's house and picked her up. She was waiting by the door with per pack of clothes, supplies and framed picture of her parents - just in case she missed them. My truck was full of our supplies and grandma has also filled her car with necessary things. Even Ditto the dog was coming along, so she didn't get loney by herself at the house. 

Phoebe insisted I stop by our house on the way, however, for she deperately needed her bee tent - just in case it rained. I explained that the weatherman had promised no rain was to fall, but she knew the weatherman wasn't always right and the tent was critical for the camping event to be successful. After some discussion I decided it was best to just agree. 

Once at the golf we had to wait for the chores to be done and all the guests to finish golfing and leave. It seemed to take forever. But at long last it was time to haul the camping gear up the hill to hole 3. It took many, many trips. Everything had to be arranged perfectly and last of all the bee tent had to be assembled. We put in her blankets, pillow and other necessary gear. It was getting pretty full in there - especially with a growing six year old Phoebe. The last thing to put in was her mom & dad's framed picture where Phoebe could reach it if she needed to. Then it was time for a treat and even some of grampa's Coca Cola - only allowed on special occasions. And this occasion certainly qualified without a doubt.

Then the many lights were turned out and Phoebe crawled into her tent. She had a flashlight of course and it was shining bright. Eventually Phoebe nodded off and all was quiet at last. It was well past midnight before grampa and grandma got to sleep.

At 6 am I could hear Phoebe stirring. The tent flap popped open and I was greeted with the biggest smile ever! This was very fun!  We had to strike camp and clear the course for the morning staff would soon arrive to get things ready for another busy day. We headed into town for breakfast - at the very same restaurant we visited last year. It seems this camping at Giggle Ridge is a family tradition... and I'm glad!

I do believe I need a nap however.

-grampa dan