Always some new stuff to learn

Anyone who knows me or watches me work for a while, quickly understands I use computers in a very different way than most in my line of work. I am anything but a tech type person. Even so I have learned to operate a computer controlled MultiCam router. I use it as one tool of many to create our imaginative work. Our workshops (among many other things) help people learn to use this same type of tool more creatively with their projects. It has taken me years to learn and becpme proficient with the computer and CNC router. Now as we upgrade our router to a newer, fancier and more complex version the challenge is on to learn a whole bunch of new things in a hurry. 

For the last three days a MultiCam tech, Shawn Kirsch, has been installing and training me to use the new machine and software. With the fourth axis it involves thinking about things in a new way, programing a file to suit, and then go through complex new commands to actually have the machine do it's thing. The only way I can manage such things is to go through it again and again, eventually building a familiarity and comfort level with the process. THen I build on that basic knowlege adding layer after layer of complexity over time. It's all done one little step at a time.

The new machine is now installed and running. It is an amazing piece of technology. Now I just have to figure out how to use it! And I'm up for the challenge! :)

-grampa dan