Another piece installed.

Yesterday, the large dimensional sign was loaded into the back of the truck for it's journey to the Fox and Hounds Pub. It was no small task to wrestle the sign into the box of the truck, even with the help of our overhead chainfall. The tricky job was still to come.

The sign had to be lifted to the top of the gable end of the building and fastened into place. But there was no worry. The contractor and the boys were waiting for me when I arrived. They had set a lift in place to be used to do the heavy lifting. Once the measurements were taken and backing for the sign was installed things went quickly and smoothly.

The sign fit like it was made for the spot (which it was). 

Even on the dreary day we were enjoying the sign added a bright splash of color to the building.

Slowly but surely the pieces of this large puzzle are coming together.

-grampa dan