Amazing tools!

This week is one of upgrading. Our old CNC router was swapped out with a shiny new one that has amazing new features. The most impressive thing is the SPEED. As I often tell Phoebe when we are describing something fast... it is as fast as a speeding bullet. And that is pretty fast.

We installed a new windows based computer to serve the new router. All new network cables completed the package. 

And as things are finally slowing down a little, it was time to upgrade my operating systems and programs on my work computer and laptop as well. This weekend was the time. We've been Mac based for some time now, simply because it is easier for me. I don't want to think about my computer, but rather just use it to create my art. Macs allow me to do that. 

Upgrading an Apple computer is simple and easy. I didn't have to go to the store or bring in a technical person as in days gone by... two mouse clicks started the download process from the virtual store. I don't know how long the download took, because the lights were out here and I was snuggled up to Janis watching our favorite TV program in the house. It was on my desktop this morning when I came in. I didn't have to squint at the box or type in a long, long serial number. I clicked the INSTALL button. Then I went to town to change the oil in the truck and do some shopping so I don't know how long that process took either. When I got home the new program was installed and everything was brand new with my programs and files where they were supposed to be. No worries and no stress.

A new trackpad brings me up to speed with tools to interface with the new operating system. I have positioned it on the left side of my workspace. Since I use a digital drawing pad, my right hand holds a digital stylus as I work. My goal is to learn to use my left hand on the trackpad instead of putting down my pen and using a mouse in my right hand. Apple has incorporated gestures into the new OS and reverse tracking (compared to what we are used to). It is a bit wierd at first, but once you get past that it feels right. It will take some getting used to I'm sure.

While we were at it, a new small camera was bought and plopped into the holster on my belt. The old one was donated to Pipsqueak Paddocks to document the horses. The new camera is also an amazing tool. Compact yet powerful. It has massive resolution and the ability to take pictures in much lower light compared to much more expensive cameras I have had in the past. It is a video camera as well. 

With the new hardware and software in place, it is now time to begin the process of learning to work with these new tools. Ultimately it is not about the tools, but rather about what I create with them.

Now it is time for some fun...

-grampa dan


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