Christmas bonus

This time of the year I thoroughly enjoy the many emails, letters and cards we recieve from people I have been in contact with through the year. As things wind down many who attended our workshops or seminars take the time to let me know how they have implemented the things they learned. Some send pictures of their recent projects. I always enjoy reading each note, and love to see the projects they have done. Seeing what we teach being put into action makes it all very rewarding.

As we do our projects through the year our clients become good friends. They too often take the time from their busy lives to let me know how they enjoy the things we created for them. It's gratifying for I always pour my heart into every project we do. Each one is much more than just a job. 

Surprisingly, some of our customers also send us flowers and gifts. It is certainly not necessary, for we merely did what we promised, but it is truly appreciated.

I am so fortunate to be abe to do what I love each day (instead of simply working). Having people appreciate these same things is a HUGE bonus!  

Thank you!  I wish a MERRY CHRISTMAS to ALL!

-grampa dan

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment