Wish it was there.

Sadly, family can't always be together for Christmas. Some of our family resides in Florida and won't be making the trip home this year. I drew my sister-in-law's name for our gift giving exchange. I know Lisette loves hand made, personal things the very best. I also know she loves lighthouses. So I decided to make her a small sign for the front of their house. 

It was my intent to have it ready for when we were down that way doing the workshop in Orlando late this fall. But tight deadlines and a crunched bearing in my router, just before we left, made that plan unworkable. When we returned from that trip I was only home for a few days before going to the sign conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Then when I got back we pulled out the old router and it was a couple of weeks before things were up and running with the new machine. Production in the shop was rather backed up by this time and so we worked hard to take care of business. Personal projects took a back seat.

By this time there was no time to create the sign, paint it and have things cure enough for shipping - all before Christmas. But no worry for I know Lisette will be happy, even if it is a little late. She is a good sport.

But I decided since the present will be a little late getting there that she should be able to 'unwrap' it a little early. It is only fair and it might average things out a little. So here's a picture of the finished sign Lisette. Merry Christmas!  It will be sent off next week once the paint cures a little more.

As an added bonus (to make up for the late delivery) I'll personally install it the next time I am down your way.  :)

-grampa dan

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