The things we got for Christmas

Each year as we bump into those we know after Christmas, the inevitable question is, 'What did Santa get you?'

Christmas at our house is simple. It is about family. We gather and enjoy time with each other. There are still some presents under the tree of course. The kids (and grandkids get the bulk of them. Janis & I stopped giving Christmas presents to each other some years ago, instead indulging each other through the year with things we need (or want) as we are able. A trip to Disneyland, or a new tool (toy) takes the place of Christmas gift giving.

One thing we continue to do is share is Christmas stockings, first thing each Christmas morning. They are filled by 'Santa' of course, but we all know how that really works. Theorectically the things stuffed inside (and they should fit inside) are small and inexpensive, but sometimes it seems the 'helper elves' get carried away. Janis and I love to surprise each other - a very tough thing to do for we've been together so long and we just know how the other thinks. It is a challenge each and every year.

Each year we make a wish list for the family gift exchange. I ALWAYS put socks on my list, but Janis ALWAYS sneaks back after I'm done to cross them off the list for she has a secret stash of my favorite brand of socks for when I need new ones - doled out one pair at a time, at her discretion of course. Each time I make a huge case about how a fabulous day always starts with some comfy NEW socks.

I knew something was up on Christmas morning as Janis & I went to the living room. She was obviously anxious to see my reaction when I saw my stocking. When I saw it I had to smile.

There IS a Santa Claus! 

-grampa dan

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