Patterned textures

Through the years we have developed many original ideas to add value to our work. One such idea was was to design and test many different bitmaps which are used to create background textures on our routed projects. The routing software reads these bitmaps and then generates the CNC code to send to the router that reproduces the bitmaps dimensionally. We’ve created more than two hundred original bitmaps so far. We currently offer two collections to other sign makers to incorporate dimension in their CNC routed work. But bitmaps are a lot like fonts in that you can never have enough to choose from when you are looking for something unique. This means we are always developing new patterns for our projects and that new assortment is now almost large enough to be offered as a new collection. In the last weeks I’ve been working on editing the collection and adding a few new ones to complete the set. Soon we’ll put this new set to market. Stay tuned…

texture samples.png
Dan SawatzkyComment