45 wonderful years

Back in the fall of 1971 Janis and I met while we were both in high school. I was smitten badly, almost instantly. Janis took a little longer to warm to my charms. By Christmas of that year we were ‘going steady’ as they called it in those days. We were ‘secretly’ engaged not long after, although Janis didn’t say yes on my first asking, nor the second. We were officially engaged in the fall of 1973. Forty-five years ago today we were married. Inside our wedding rings the word ‘ALWAYS’ was inscribed. Those 45 years have flown by in a flash. We have been best friends, lovers and business partners through many good times and a few tougher years as well. Janis reminds me occasionally, ‘I will ALWAYS love you, even though some days I may not like you very much.’ We are still best friends. I am reminded of a speech that Peter gave during our 25th anniversary celebration. He complimented Janis (his mom) as beautiful, loving, patient, kind, and a most awesome person. Me, he called the luckiest man alive. I truly am.

janis & dan 45 years.png
Dan SawatzkyComment