There's an elephant in the room!

We've all heard the expression 'there's an elephant in the room'. In our shop it is currently a literal statement. Peter has been busy building the framework for the corner of the wall of the North Star suite. It will feature a life sized elephant head (and a large one at that!) carved from stone blocks. At this point it is a bit hard to visualize as the framework is made of welded quarter inch round rod. But we certainly feel the presence of the elephant in the room for it takes up a great deal of space! It is far too tall to go out the door. We'll leave it standing as we fasten on the wire lath and apply the sculpted concrete to the top portion. Then we'll gently tip it backwards (with the forklift) onto some wheels we've built into the frame so we can roll it around the shop to finish it and out the door when it is done. Until then I suspect room in the shop is going to be hard to come by.

elephant frame complete.png