The important inside

Often, underneath our 'pretty' features is a lot of engineering and construction that will never be seen by anyone but us. It serves as structure and often much more. The Underhill suite of the Hazelnut Inn features a lush green roof with a giant bonsai tree 'growing' on top. On the blueprints a simple rectangular skylight is drawn. The roof structure and pony walls around the rectangular opening will be built of reinforced concrete. We'll build a giant, steel and concrete bonsai tree over the hole with a round window cut into the trunk to allow light into the room.

The tree is relatively simple structure, and a familiar build for us. The difference this time is that the tree needs to be waterproof so the underground suite stays nice and dry. Our solution was to build a heavy welded steel cover which will act as a giant flashing as it fits over the rectangular hole. The structure of the tree will be welded to it with no penetrations which might allow water to seep through. Tomorrow this piece will be complete and the actual build of the tree frame will begin. When we are done absolutely none of this important preliminary work will be visible to our guests.

tree inner structure.png