Enjoying a (almost) white Christmas in Yarrow

Our friends from the south often assume because we live in Canada that we are under a blanket of snow much of the year. That isn’t true for the most part. In the 44 years Janis & I have been married we’ve only seen snow a couple of times on Christmas. Our little town of Yarrow sits at about 60 feet above sea level and we are just over 100 kilometres (sixty miles) from the ocean. We are less than five miles north of the Canada/USA border. This means we don’t get much snow and only a few weeks below freezing each year. But less than a mile to the south Vedder Mountain rises to 3000 feet above sea level. As the colder temperatures arrive the snow level gets ever lower. This morning the freezing level dropped to under 1000 feet and with it the fresh snow. We get to enjoy it without having to shovel. That’s plenty close for me! We are enjoying a (almost) white Christmas in Yarrow.

snow down the mountain.png
Dan SawatzkyComment