The art of story telling

We consider ourselves, above all, story tellers. We do this in a visual way and often the narrative is felt rather than being told directly. The best stories are grand and full of detail. And the very best tales can stretch the truth substantially if they are told well. Over the last three weeks I’ve been busy at my design board drawing up the concept art for three awesome projects. The concepts are finished for two of the three projects thus far. I’ve done more than sixty drawings in that time with the balance to come in the next week or two. Most of the concepts need to be kept under wraps for a while yet but I can give a brief glimpse of one. Our customer operates two dinosaur adventure golfs which they have asked us to add to, while keeping the existing dinosaur features intact. We suggested a Mayan overlay, designed on the premise that the Mayans interacted with dinosaurs and worshipped them. We first did extensive of research of existing relics and then modified what we found just enough to convincingly tell our story. This is going to be a whole lot of fun!

mayan icons.png
mayan bridge and photo op.png
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