Trip to the past

This past week Janis & I along with Phoebe took a trip to Victoria, British Columbia. It was our last adventure of the summer. Phoebe was in charge of the itinerary. We visited a number of attractions - the Bug Zoo, two museums, one aquarium and other points of interest over a period of three days. One of the places we visited was Butterfly Gardens. More than thirty-five years ago we were commissioned to do some work for the facility as they were constructing it. The scope of our work included two waterfalls, two bridges, some rock work and the stamping of the textured concrete though the 12,000 square foot show space. This was my first visit since then. I was curious to see how things had held up after more than three and a half decades. Amazingly, the features we built looked great. The jungle had certainly enveloped the pieces we built and the damp environment encouraged moss growth on the features but the lush landscape added to the look. Our work blended into the landscape as it should in a setting like that.

We've come a long ways since those early days and would do things a whole lot differently now. Even so I was pleasantly surprised and am still proud of our early theme work from that period. It was fun to take a little trip to the past!

bridge 4.png
bridge 1.png
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