Small changes - BIG DIFFERENCE!

Becke and Jeff spent a good portion of the day adding the last of the painted details to Dayna's tree. They didn't use a lot of paint and glaze but what they did changed things a great deal. Today, they painted the last coats of colour on the door hinges, ladybugs and the sign. They let everything dry and then went back and judiciously added subtle glazes to make the small details pop. We each carefully inspected the tree from top to bottom to make sure it was all perfect and then declared it finished.

I'll let the paint cure in the shop overnight and then push it out into the sunshine tomorrow to grab some final pictures. Later next week we'll carefully load it into a truck and send it on the way to it's new home in Northern Saskatchewan. This project was truly built from the heart by every member of the crew. Our hope is that it will remind Dayna's family of many happy memories and provide joy to all who visit it.

Bottom of tree finished.png
jeff painting sign supports.png
becke doing final painting.png
becke doing final painting 1.png
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