Imagine if...

When we were kids we played a game of make believe called 'imagine if.'...  Now we play it every day at work. Then we get to build our fanciful imaginary creations. And get paid for it too. It doesn't get better than that!

We are in the blue sky phase of a new project. At this stage no idea is too wild nor strange. Anything is possible. And once again we are playing that silly game. Becke was busy in the shop painting our little study model for the trade show booth and it got me to thinking...  Imagine if we were to combine a ejection seat with a robotic machine with a giant jet engine.  Hmmm...   Then I began drawing it out on my iPad. The idea looks feasible and FAST! What could possibly go wrong?  :) I suspect the test pilot might be glad he has an ejection seat - just in case!

As I drew the concept I was thinking hard about how we would build such a creation. It wouldn't be that hard and it would be fun. Anything is indeed possible if you use your imagination!

hot rod jet.png
Dan SawatzkyComment