A perfect evening

I was up at Cultus Lake Adventure Park this evening on their last operating day of the 2017 season. As I walked around the park, enjoying the sites, I was reminded of when we built the first phase of that project more than seventeen years ago. It was just an adventure golf back then but one of the best in the world. When I returned home I went through some old pictures and came across this one, taken at the end of our first season. I snapped the picture on a quiet evening, just after the sun went down. The course lights had come on and it was a magic moment. I can still hear the period banjo music playing and the sound of the waterfall just beside me. The park was a realization of a dream we held for more than a dozen years. Although a very different place now with all of the rides and excitement I still enjoy it to this day.

gr night hole 13.png
Dan Sawatzky1 Comment