Plasma magic!

I can clearly remember the time I first fired up an acetylene torch and cut some plate steel to make a custom part. The resulting part worked but it was crude and required lots of grinding to make it passible. Years later I thought it magic as I fired up our hand held plasma cutter and did the same procedure. It was much, much faster and the part came out much better but it was a little shaky and still needed plenty of grinding to get the results I wanted. These days things are a whole lot easier. We have a computerized MultiCam CNC plasma cutter. I drew out the piece and scanned it into the computer. In seconds the file was vectorized. I exported it to the cutting program and pushed the start button on the CNC plasma cutter. It was only a few minutes until the complex part was cut and off the machine. A few seconds with the sanding disk will make it ready to incorporate into the sign. This is pure magic!

Dan SawatzkyComment