I've been working on the railroad

To bring the new modular home onto our property we literally had to build a twenty foot wide road the length of the property. With the home now on it's foundation that means we can dismantle the road. What are we doing with all of that gravel? Well, it is time to build the final roadbed for the 15" gauge train which will soon circle our property. The train has been in progress for better than twelve years. We finally got the engine running last year but we couldn't drive it very far. The track was waiting for the buildings to be complete before it could be installed. In the last few days I've moved enough gravel to complete almost 400 feet of new railway bed grade. The long straight track up the side of the property now curves towards the modular home for about eighty feet. The curve will make the train ride much more interesting and also will give Peter and Hailey a little more backyard space on their property. It won't be long until track laying begins in earnest!

Dan SawatzkyComment