Very high and fast research

There is so very much to learn about the business we are in. I doubt I will ever know more than a smidge... but that doesn't stop me from trying. Today, Phoebe joined me for a long awaited adventure to learn about zip lining. We drove up to Peachland in the Okanagan to ride "six of the highest, longest , fastest, epic-est ziplines in Canada, criss-crossing the breathtaking Deep Creek Gorge." The attraction is ZIP ZONE. It lived up to everything they claimed on their website. The six ziplines are up to 1,800 feet long and the highest is 381 feet off the ground when you go over the beautiful canyon far, far below. Phoebe bravely and happily decided to lead the way. She leapt off the first platform without even a squeak. She also DANGLED on the fifth zipline - upside down with a giant grin - all the way to the platform far below. Believe me, there's nothing I know that compares to hanging upside down that high off the ground while zipping along a thread of a cable at high speed. Phoebe now has the T-shirt to show her friends when she goes back to school next week. It was a most excellent adventure!

Dan Sawatzky1 Comment