Revamped ID

When we are between projects it seems to be the busiest time of all. That's when we try our best to catch up on all the things we put off when we were in the middle of a paying project. One of these important things was our own sign out by the road. In the last couple of years we have dropped our last name from the company ID to make it Imagination Corporation. We've used since the start. These days the internet is the primary way to market. It's common to see those stopped out by the road pull out their smartphone and do a search for information about us. Spelling our last name is not the easiest thing and it's tougher still to remember which made it time to make a change. As we reprint business cards, and get new vehicle IDs we have been slowly making the change. Over the last few months we routed a new face for our sign and applied the paint and gold leaf but the paying projects always took precedence and so the sign was tucked into a corner of the studio. Today it was dusted off at last and switched out with the old. Now those who pull up don't need to do a web search. They can just type in and read all about us and what we offer.

Dan SawatzkyComment