Instant rock

There was a lot of visual progress today. With the base colours in place it was time for the large Viking target rockwork to get it's glazes. The painting crew worked as a team, liberally applying various brown and grey glazes and then judiciously taking them off again. The solid grey-blue rocks disappeared and lifelike rocks took their place. The many textures, seams and cracks immediately became pronounced. But this was only the start. Once the crew got to the bottom they immediately headed back up to do some dry brushing which added highlights. Then they broke out the greens, oranges and tans and added mosses and other growths to the rock using sponges and brushes of various sizes and shapes. After some drying time it was time to begin the disassembly of the tall rocks. Next week we will be stuffing the pieces into shipping containers for the journey to Dubai.

Dan SawatzkyComment