Flying high!

About a dozen years ago, just after we finished our new shop, I was asked to design and help build our first truly international theme project. It was an adventure golf on the third floor of Mall of America in Minnesota. It was no small task. They flew me down there and within two weeks I had finished the approved design and selected a local contractor to help me with the onsite portion of the project. We built all of the signs and features in our shop and they filled two large semi trailers for the trip down to the site. I flew down to supervise the installation - about five or six trips in all. One of the large features was a twin engine plane with a twenty-four foot wingspan. As the plane had to hang from existing girders, the engineers instructed me that the it was not allowed to weigh more than two thousand pounds. We came in fifty pounds underweight! It was an engineering challenge as the wings and tail had to come off for transport and everything had to pass a strict fire code. The job was completed in about two months from start to finish.

Dan SawatzkyComment