The hook

Back when I first started as an artist I decided I needed a marketing hook. I had no money for this kind of idea but came up with a novel solution. I would tie my name to one of the most famous brands of the world - Coca Cola. Each time I had a photo opportunity (and there were many)  I would make sure I had a Coca Cola in my hand. I kept an antique cooler in my studio and served Coca Cola to all who visited. I even had the Coca Cola truck make deliveries to the house. I started a collection of bottles, cans and other memorabilia. Customers, friends and family took notice.

Soon, friends, family and business associates were picking up Coke items wherever they travelled around the world. They would present them to me on their return, saying they saw Coke and thought of me. The collection grew extremely fast and soon hundreds of Coke cans, bottles and items of every sort took over my studio space. It was pretty amazing! Coke even sponsored a few of my mural projects. My plan had worked beyond my expectations!

But eventually I needed shelf space to showcase the growing collection of my own work and samples. The Coke items began to get packed away in boxes and eventually I decided to sell of the collection. I profited one last time from my association with this remarkable brand. Only a few of my favourite Coke collectables remain. Rumour has it I still enjoy an occasion can of an ice cold Coke as well. :)

Dan SawatzkyComment