Wrestling a dragon

About twenty years ago Spaz the dragon was born, the lovable mascot for the Imagination Corporation. He made few public appearances and mostly hung out in my studios. He was massive, measuring almost four feet wide and eight feet tall. He certainly dominated the centre of the studio. Likenesses of this friendly and imaginative dragon appeared in our signs through the years. The latest incarnation is the figurehead on our ship that sails through the sliver of a blue moon.

After twenty years it is time for Spaz to go to another good home. He'll be the mascot of a deserving children's ministry. He came into the studio while we were still building it, before the permanent door was installed. Now the dragon had to be squeezed out a 36 inch wide door, turned and squeezed through a second door. It took four of us pulling, guiding and pushing. The whole time we were laughing to the point of falling down. It's not every day one gets to wrestle a dragon. Spaz made it through two small doorways unscathed.

Dan SawatzkyComment